Automated PVC Curtains

No more scratched PVC curtains! The new ADIS AUTO BIFLEX door system will automatically open and close your PVC curtains, preserving the clarity of your PVC strips.


  • Operator is fully electronic,computerized with DC Motor and built in optical sensor for precise movement,high torque for a maintenance free life.Housed in an extruded aluminium lowprofile transom section for biparting or single parting doors
  • Source power is single phase
  • Brackets are plated steel,and PVC is300mm wide in 3mm or 5mm,with 100m overlap
  • Brush sealing along top edge
  • Self-calibrating and programmable modes
  • Open and closing speed control up to1.3m/sec
  • End position-damping control for accurate slow down of door movement
  • Safety damping control
  • Activation can be by push buttons,remote control,induction loops,motion detectors,PE sensors,etc.
  • Built in UPS (uninterrupted power supply)for operation of door under power failure
  • Hold open time from 0-60 seconds
  • Openings up to 8000mm in width.Special designs for larger openings.


Adis Biflex Door System brochure


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