Ventilated Roller Shutters

This ventilated roller shutter is designed to suit situations where good looks are equally as important as security and ventilation and is ideal for carpark entrances, shopping arcades, etc.


  • Made from strong interlocking galvanised steel slats, perforated throughout with small airholes
  • Interlocking curls solid and strong, making for stronger curtain
  • Available in 50mm and 75mm slat width
  • Airflow up to 50.6% overall, but can combine with solid slats for control of airflow and vision
  • More secure than conventional slotted shutters as it screens out potential thieves, inquisitive fingers, even birds and insects
  • PERFSLAT curtains must be finished with a protective coating. Choices are powdercoat (applied during manufacture) or a two-pack polyurethane (applied -after installation)


  • Powdercoated or polyurethane finish (essential)
  • Head panels
  • Pedestrian egress gates
  • Weatherstrips
  • Winch and sliding mullions allowing more doors in a single span
  • Two point bottom rail locking or waist high locking
  • Special cut out splayed bottom rail, rail to shape the door over gutters at the side of driveway
  • Noise and vibration isolation kits available on request


  • Automatic operation through logic control box
  • Touch sensitive auto reversing bottom rail
  • Photo electric safety beams
  • Proximity key readers
  • Individually coded remote hand transmitters for easy addition and deletion of separate units
  • Key operated isolating switch to enhance security
  • Outside key switch for external operation of door
  • Auto close


By Motor – using standard or high cycle rated motor units according to door usage. (see Technical Information for details)
By Chain – using reduction chain box with endless galvanised pull chain


Door type: PERFSLAT roller shutter
Roller: 165mm or 219mm seamless drawn steel tube housing counterbalanced springs
Roller Axle: 39mm diameter solid mild steel
50mm x .8mm profile with nylon end clips
75mm x .9mm profile with nylon end clips
64mm x 35mm x 2.5mm galvanised
75mm x 35mm x 2.5mm galvanised
Bottom Rail:
50mm x 50mm x 6mm galvanised steel angle
50mm x 50mm x 6mm aluminium angle
Brackets: 8mm mild steel plate
Motor: Standard 3ph 415v 1HP (.75kw) motor unit fitted with emergency hand chain and 240V reversing direct on line push button switch
Optional: Continuous rated high usage 3ph 415v 1HP (.75kw) or 1.5HP (1.1kw) motor unit fitted with emergency hand chain


  • Standard Galvanised
  • Powdercoat (pre-coated)
  • Polyurethane (painted on site)


  • Shootbolt locking
  • Centre lift lock with key
  • Motorised: Locked automatically by gearbox


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