Commercial Service Lifts

Service lifts for industrial and commercial application. These include schools and colleges, hotels and restaurants, shops, leisure centres, churches and libraries.

Moving Food & Beverages in Dumb Waiters

Dumbwaiters are ideal for moving lighter items that need loading and unloading from serving height. This means dumb waiters are a common sight in public houses, hotels and restaurants, where they move food and drink from the kitchen to the dining area. Dumb waiters reduce manual handling requirements and make for efficient customer service.

Service Lifts for Medium Sized Loads

We offer service lifts that suit applications where heavier goods need loading and unloading from floor level. Service lifts are popular with offices for transporting books and files, and pubs, bars and clubs for moving beer barrels from the cellar to the bar area. Our service lifts take up little space and custom models are available if there is not a suitable one in the standard range.

Heavy-duty Goods Lifts for Tough Applications

For warehouses, workshops and other industrial environments that move heavy stock items between floors, one of our goods lifts may be the answer. Goods lifts have high loading capacities (up to 2000kg with the Trojan goods lift) and are hardwearing, making them ideal for tough applications. Goods lifts reduce manual handling, and the associated risk of employees sustaining strain injuries, known as musculoskeletal disorders.




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