Residential Limited Space Lift

We have the perfect residential lift for limited space. This lift offers versatility in size, speed and design for multi-level properties. Custom built in Australia as a free standing unit.

Capable of servicing up to four levels, with a maximum travel of 7.5 metres, this limited space residential lift is powered by an advanced chain-over oil hydraulic drive system that not only pushes the boundaries of residential performance, but also dramatically reduces pit and overhead lift height requirement - especially important with height restriction.

Supplied as a complete free-standing unit with its own self supporting tower, doors, hydraulics and pump, it provides flexibility in speed, weight capacity, size and finishes.

Eliminating the huge expense of building a conventional lift tower, it requires no load bearing walls and is easy to install.

With a lifting capacity of 350kg it can easily carry two people (including a wheelchair) at an average lift speed of 0.185 m/sec or 0.292 m/sec if the enhanced option is selected.




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