Straight Stairlifts

The Acorn Superglide Stairlift is one of the most technologically advanced stairlifts available, helping thousands of people worldwide to reclaim full access to their home.

It's the safe, comfortable and simple solution to difficulty with the stairs.

  • Padded seat and backrest.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Secure safety belt.
  • Folding arms, footrest and seat allow easy access to the stairway.
  • Swivel seat - no need for twisting the body to get on and off the lift.
  • Lockable onloff switch allows the user to prevent others (e.g. children) from using the lift.
  • Diagnostic digital display informs the user of the status of the lift.
  • Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the lift automatically if any obstruction is encountered.
  • Hand-held remote controls allow users to 'call'or'send' the lift up and down the staircase.




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