The SNG Drive system is a top performer when it comes to commercial lifts. The energy efficient lift exploits the best technologies in order to guarantee the best performance even at high speeds. Though the SNG Commercial lift reduces energy consumption it is able to withstand intense traffic whilst providing a quiet and comfortable ride. Even with a rated speed of 1m/s or 1.6 m/s they guarantee excellent stopping precision to complete the smooth ride.

Advantages of the SNG Commercial Lift

  • Energy Efficiency
  • No polluting oils
  • Quiet operations
  • Maximum Acceleration / Stopping precision
  • Compact dimensions
  • Speed
  • Riding Comfort
  • Less Stress on shaft
  • Structural flexability
  • 220 Votls single-phase power supply and free-lift and tree-lift devices

If the SELE SNG isn’t your choice for Commercial lifts than why not try The Mariner

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