Glass Slide Doors

Glass Slide Doors2019-05-01T15:46:33+10:00

Designed to suit heavy duty applications, this model can operate up to 190 kg per leaf in a wide range of applications.

Incorporating a ‘self-cleaning’ stainless steel track, these Glass Slide Doors are compliant with the current Australian Standards for sliding door assemblies. The operators can be tailored to suit various traffic densities. The operators are fully compliant with Egress codes and council by-law for fail-safe operations.

Using the latest Microcomputer technology we provide safe and intelligent control of the doors at all times. The Microcomputer accurately monitors every movement of the door and can also provide automatic compensation based on climatic conditions such as wind loads and normal wear.

Low Profile option available.

Intelligent control allows these operators to virtually think for themselves.

A 5 year warranty on motor and gear box, comprehensive warranties on componentry are also standard.