The Next Generation Series of the Slim Sliding Door Operator utilizes a purpose built motor which includes an electric locking system to ensure that the doors can be securely fixed in any position. This method of locking ensures the highest level of security


  • Adis is Australian owned and Australian manufactured.
  • ULTRASLIM modern design only 73 mm in overall track height.
  • Compact minimalist modular design of motor drive system.
  • Latest digital microprocessor controller to gain more exact control of the door operator, Provision to interface with building security systems.
  • Over engineered to take total door weights of up to 160Kg (max door weight of 80 Kg).
    The main transom housing is hard coated anodized to give smooth operation of the exclusive dual track system.
    No exposed wiring due to concealed wiring system.
  • Built in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can allow doors to continue to operate under a power failure when doors are locked. This is a standard feature in ADIS NGA operator not an extra.
  • Improved multiple safety features to ensure maximum user safety.
  • High security electric motor locking.
  • Zone activation sensor system that uses latest presence detection technology to improve overall safety.
  • Unique design flushed glazed feature for frameless glass doors to minimize gap between door and side light to less than 8mm to conform with AS5007 requirement to safe guard against draw in hazard.

GBE Group can send out a qualified technicians to perform installation or maintenance services on your Slim Sliding Door Operators.