This multi panelled door operating system allows quick, easy and effortless opening and closing of up to 20 metres of door panels instantly expanding any dining, meeting, exhibition or entertaining space.

When open, the spare panels resemble a compact stacking wall system, maximising available room space and providing the flexibility of an adaptable floor space.

But the AUTO STACKER more than just a stacking wall system, it is also an automatic sensor activated sliding door. Whilst in the closed position, the leading edge panels can be programmed to act like any regular automatic sliding door, opening and closing on approach, yet remaining securely and electronically locked at all other times. The AUTO STACKER can also be interfaced with existing building security and control systems, ensuring convenient after hours access and egress if required, without compromising the security of the building.

AUTO STACKER adds unforeseen flexibility and adaptability to an area: the size, layout and outward aspect of the space are at the flick of a switch with no need to handle bulky, heavy doors or complicated locks.


  • Ability to open up a glazed screen wall with the added use of an automatic door when the screen is closed
  • Space saving and sleek design
  • Low maintenance, various finishes
  • Full automation of up to 20m of a single doorway
  • Attractive appearance
  • Able to be opened or closed under all wind conditions
  • Effortless operation of large doors
  • Cost effective in comparison to other manual stacking door systems