Test and tagging is a generic name given to the process of visually inspecting and electrically testing in-service electrical equipment for personal safety.

The PT300 combines the latest handheld instrument and wireless communications technology to provide the ultimate in portability and flexibility. The PrimeTest 300 carries out tests required under the AS.NZS3760 for appliances and leads, carries out 30mA RCD tests and functions as a data logger to record any inspections and tests carried out.

We offer Test and Tagging services with preventative maintenance schedules to ensure you continually comply and are effective in the management of your electrical devices.

You may also hear other references to Test and Tagging like; tagging, test tag, test and tag, electrical tagging, appliance testing, portable appliance test or lead tagging.

WH&S legislation states that some businesses, contractors, sole traders operating in a working environment must have a regular test and tag performed on their electrical equipment if they want to be compliant with the AS/NZS 3760:2013.