The SILENS-PRO® is fast, smooth and quiet, with precision floor-levelling at every stop. Our Altamira control system optimises lift travel speeds by reducing waiting times. These energy efficient indoor lifts have a motor that uses state-of-the-art permanent-magnet synchronous technology in combination with a frequency inverter to resolve all the mechanical noise and vibration problems associated with traditional geared motors, delivering smooth travel and quiet operation.

These energy efficient indoor lifts are known for being one of the safest and most reliable. The emergency release facility incorporated into our Altamira control system ensures quick and safe passenger evacuation when required. The standard emergency release system delivers the lift car to the nearest floor using an emergency UPS (battery system). The frequency inverter within the lift control panel displays the location of the car within the shaft, so that the person operating the emergency release knows the car’s exact location. Once the car arrives at the nearest fl oor, that person manually opens the doors and releases the passengers. The automatic emergency release system (an optional extra) is activated automatically in the event of a power cut, delivering the car to the nearest floor where the doors open automatically on arrival.

The SILENS-PRO® uses IMEM’s own groundbreaking ALTAMIRA CONTROL SYSTEM, the outcome of years of continuous development and innovation and the most cutting-edge product on the market in terms of built technology and lift control operation, as well as a major energysaver. It can simultaneously handle from one to four lifts operating over 32 fl oors. All our control systems can be APB, down collective or full collective and can be used to operate all types of lift: with or without a machine room, highspeed, hydraulic, inclined lifts… For more about the Altamira system, see page 12 of the attached PDF brochure.

The SILENS-PRO® is available with rated load capacities of from 300 to 4000kg and speeds of from 1 to 1.6 metres per second VVVF. The lift can be equipped with single or double entrances, adjacent or open-through. Single or double entrances at 90º or 180º are available for lifts of up to 1.600Kg capacity.

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