With over 15 years of experience servicing and installing Commercial Disability Lifts, GBE Group have a range of products and options that are sure to deliver on your need for allowing comfortable and safe access by all patrons.


Built to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standards 1735 part 16, the Mariner 16 can travel upto 6.8 metres runs under automatic control and is BCA E3.6 Compliant

Requiring only days to install, the Mariner 16 lift is custom built in Australia resulting in short lead times. Offering an alternative to the costly expense associated with providing load bearing walls, large slab footings and a machine room, the Mariner 16 comes complete with it’s own light-weight self supporting lift shaft, landing doors and machine cabinet.


Southern Lifts Residential Aussie Mariner_16_01

Drawing – Mariner 16