Building owners, developers and managers have a legal obligation to provide access for those with a disability. GBE Group’s range of Disability Lifts solutions allows us to address mobility requirements in any residential home or commercial building, giving individuals convenient access to all floors of your building.

Disability lifts are perfect for people with mobility needs, whether they are wheelchair dependent, or perhaps recovering from surgery or a major illness. Southern Lifts have a wide range of solutions and lift options and styles to suit all needs and budgets. Disability lifts can be installed internally or externally to commercial buildings and homes.

Customers can tailor their disabled lift to suit their specific requirements enabling them to have a lift which suits their safety needs, colour, decor and budget and building aesthetic specifications. Many models are very unobtrusive and will blend well into the surroundings of your home or commercial building.


Building Managers, Certifiers and Developers have a legal obligation to comply with the Disability (Access to Premises — Buildings) Standards 2010. These standards set out to ensure that dignified, equitable, cost-effective and reasonably achievable access to buildings, and facilities and services within buildings, is provided for people with a disability. Whether you are building a new commercial property or renovating an existing building our purpose built commercial lifts can provide an affordable solution to ensure your project meets the latest standards.


Disability lifts in compliance with AS 1735 are GST free.


Guide to Application Of Premises Standards

Disability (AccessToPremisesBuildings) Standards 2010