Our Low Rise Passenger Lifts have oil hydraulic power with a direct acting cylinder on each side of the lift car. with the liifting capacity of 350kg and travels at approximately 6 metres per minute. Standard compliant AS1735 part 15. Manufactured in Australia by a fully owned Australian company.

Swing landing doors with automatic adjustable concealed door closers

  • Landing doors fitted with automatic locking and proving when the lift car departs a landing
  • Landing doors fitted with hold open devices to hold the door in the open position for a period of not greater than 30 upon the lift car entering the landing with a premature release activated from the send button within the lift car
  • Velocity valve fitted to the hydraulics to control the downward speed of the lift car in the event of a hydraulic line failure
  • Emergency lighting to the lift car
  • Self diagnostic fault finding indication to the electrical circuit
  • Motor protection provided by monitoring the time of travel between the landings and relevel time at the top landing. This is incorporated in the lift circuit to prevent a pump from continuous running in the event of loss of hydraulic fluid and destroying the hydraulic pump.
  • Standard Lift Car size is 1300mm long x 900mm width x 2000mm high, a clear door opening of 880mm is provided.


Southern Lifts Residential Aussie ML3000

Drawing Pioneer 16