Here at GBE we offer custom built Indoor / Outdoor Disability Lifts. Special consideration can be made with the operation of the lift through different style buttons, automatic dialing telephone and door operators.

Able to travel 3.5 metres, the Apollo has the capacity to carry 250kg easily. Offering flexibility for tight spaces, the size of the lift can be reduced by altering the lift structure. The self supporting lift tower also means cladding can be attached directly to the lift.

To help compliment the decor of your home, these indoor/outdoor disability lifts has a number of cosmetic options available when it comes to the landing doors and the fitout of the lift car. In addition, the lift is jam packed with an array of safety features and is a breeze to install. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by selecting an Apollo when sticking to a budget.


Apollo FINAL Residential

Drawing Apollo 900