These Limited Space Lifts provide an Indoor/Outdoor solution for limited overhead space installation – form $40,000

Available in a number of finishes the Apollo limited space lifts offer flexibility in its cosmetic appearance.

Offering flexibility for tight spaces, the size of the lift can be reduced by altering the lift structure. The self supporting lift tower also means cladding can be attached directly to the lift.

In addition, the lift is jam packed with an array of safety features and is a breeze to install. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by selecting an Apollo when trying to stick to a budget.

Cost Effective:

  • Self supporting lift tower – no load bearing walls required
  • Low installation / home construction costs
  • Low running costs / power consumption
  • Single phase 240v power
  • Once a year maintenance
  • Suitable for internal or external installation


Southern Lifts Residential Aussie Apollo 01

GBE Group – Apollo 1 – Specs