Customers looking for a residential lift can come to us for the Artico Standard Indoor Lift as well as many others. The Aritco 6000/ 7000; known for their exceptional value in design, comfort and simplicity. Versatile in style, fit to any environment. Quality and safety that is assured in construction and operation. An experience, in installation and use, underlined by ease.

Our lifts are found in commercial and public spaces as well as homes all around the world. With a long tradition of collaboration with architects, contractors and property owners, we understand that success comes with market insight. To that, we add experience and know-how as well as a steadfast professional commitment.

‘Artico Standard Indoor Lift’ Living Collection is sold in standardised packages or tailored to your specifications, with a range of options in design and function. Manufactured in modules, the lifts require very little construction work and can be installed in existing homes or new builds, internally or externally. Installation takes a few days. Space requirements are minimal. The necessary machinery and the electrical system are housed inside the shaft enclosure.

Movement between floors is safe and easy. The operation console houses light, large tactile push buttons with emergency stop and alarm functions. All edges are guarded by sensors, and in the case of an emergency, the lift can be lowered by a battery-driven system to the closest floor.

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