Home automation can be applied in all areas throughout your home. GBE Group utilise modern home automation technologies to enhance your living experience by adding comfortability, convenience and intuition to your home. The technologies that we utilise at GBE Electrical include;

C-Bus Control Systems

A C-Bus Control System is predominantly used to control lighting and other electrical services. A C-Bus Control System can be easily used to control virtually any type of electrical load. C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for commercial and domestic situations.

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Push Home Automation Systems

Push Control Systems is an intuitive and affordable technology that harmonises the devices within your home. Push Control systems offer you the ability to remotely control aspects of your homes security, monitor activity within areas of your home and activate and deactivate devices using your tablet or smartphone.

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Environexus Home Automation Systems

Environexus provide a range of retro-fit devices that allow for easy access and completion of daily tasks. Environexus systems considerably improve the ease of living for the disabled and elderly. With elements of your home being remotely controlled through voice recognition techology – blinds, shutters, lights, climate control and security are all able to be activated using Environexus technology.

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Somfy Home Automation Systems

Somfy Systems specialise in the automation of blinds, shutters, windows, curtains, external vertical screens and external venetian blinds. Somfy also deliver home automation connectivity through your tablet or smartphone using their product TaHoma One.

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